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Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Airlia Hansen

I've worked on various projects at airG, from BlackBerry, Android, iOS and mobile web social apps to data/metric tracking web tools. I’ve built some from the ground up, creating the product vision, collaborating with team members and working within the business goals and requirements. Others have already been built and I’ve either redesigned or improved upon them.

Throughout this process I do a mix of work: user research, personals, journey maps, site maps, wireframes, flow charts, prototypes, design documents, creative briefs, user stories, copy writing, micro-interactions. I’ve always found it necessary and beneficial to work closely with developers, artists, management, and QA (external as well) in order to create and maintain a consistent vision, buy in and a well thought out design. After a product has launched I’ve also worked with analytics/metrics to learn from our users and improve the UX.

I’ve always been an organized and detail oriented designer so while my Project manager was away I would cover his responsibilities as well, making sure the team was on schedule and the sprints were planned and we stayed on track. My user stories are quite thorough, covering more than just the happy path. Discussing these details, including error handling, with developers was crucial for this. I also believe in creating a unique experience for each platform in order for the users to feel the app is behaving the way they’ve come to expect from their platform of choice (eg. iOS vs Android). So I would create different wireframes for each, while maintaining the brand identity throughout all platforms.

My recent work on an internal marketing tool has let me explore the world of information architecture and content management. It is a large tool with many aspects and settings that needed to be re-organized in a way that made sense to the sales team so they could use it more efficiently and easily. I enjoyed the challenge and was able to make great use of interviewing and observing the sales team before getting into the design so I knew how they were using the tool and what they needed it for and what was missing.  




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