Pacific Wild is the project I am currently working on. This 3 month project aims to engage, educate and inspire people about the Great Bear Rainforest (GBR). The not for profit conservation organization Pacific Wild has live cameras set up in the GBR and we are creating an online presence that will stream the live video and inspire an interactive community. In addition, we are creating educational modules for the SMART Board (interactive whiteboard) based on GBR video footage and information for the first nations schools in Bella Bella and Hartley Bay (Grades 5-7).

My role as an Interactive Designer on this project has enabled me to work on designing the layout for the online and classroom experience. I have made use of interactive wire framing (done via Flash Catalyst, Omnigraffle and Photoshop) as well as simple visual drawings. I communicate with artists and engineers to ensure both sides understand each other, their needs and the layout and overall look of the product. This improves consistency, the flow of information and assets between team members, and ultimately production.    

I have learned a lot about the pre-production design process and the needs of artists and engineers. Visual and interactive prototypes allow team members to build off each other’s skill sets and create a common vision that everyone can share and understand. This project is for a remote client with specific needs and therefore we have learned to communication clearly and work around technical restrictions. We are also learning about the challenges of putting together multiple assets into a cohesive and simple interface for a market of teachers and students with basic computer skills. We successfully keep track of each other’s progress and the objectives of the project as a whole through short daily meetings.

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Play Spot the Difference Classroom Activity
Play Habitat Classroom Activity
View 360° Panorama of Rainforest
Documentary Video