Over the past 5 months I have participated in two 48 hour Game Jams. These are events where various people get together, are given a theme and some keywords to build from, and create a playable game. Ideas are pitched and groups formed. Then we have 48 hours to complete the vision.

The first Game Jam I programmed the game mechanics of the 3D game (Ubu) made in Blender. This was a team with no programmers or previous 3D experience and we succeeded in completing a playable game. I created the movements for the main character as well as the falling food objects. I also set up the various states of game play (introduction, play, loss and victory).
My other team, who created Chroma, took on the challenge of the Unreal Engine, having little previous experience with it. I pitched the original idea based on our theme of deception and we created Chroma (an Art Game about user experiences and choosing different paths). I led the overall game design and vision, building upon it with team members and keeping everyone on track with our short schedule. I also worked in Maya for the first time to create the 3D objects and cinematic ending. 

Learning about game mechanics in Blender was an amazing experience for me. It gave me a great appreciation for engineers and the time it takes to complete certain tasks. My team was appreciative of the fact that I do not cave under pressure, as I was the one integrating the final objects and screens into the game during the last few minutes of time.

Chroma was a great experience leading a team through production and discussing game design and user experience. We were successful in creating the atmosphere of our vision and a user experience that makes you think, and has impact. Though the intro and ending cinematics were not put in place (due to lack of time to fully learn the Unreal Engine) it was a successful experience. We learned a lot about the complications of transferring Maya textures into Unreal and that sometimes the simplest thing ends up being the most complicated. I love diving in and working under a short time pressure, creating as you go.

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