Digital Bridge was a guerilla marketing campaign designed to increase awareness of CODE Live (Cultural Olympiad Digital Edition of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics). Bridging analog and digital media we designed and pink posters with abstract sayings. People then pulled off the tabs on these posters and visited the website we created. After watching a quick and enticing video they could join our social media network through Facebook and Twitter.

I led the social media network creation, building the Facebook and Twitter accounts and an online presence that people would want to engage with. I made use of interesting and relevant information (videos and images) that they could not get from the CODE Live website. I also worked with other team members in creating the rollout strategy for the posters. This included which printer could satisfy our needs, where we would put the posters up, when and how often we would put them up and how many.

I learned how even the simplest project idea can become quite complex when working out the fine details. Dealing with printers and getting exactly what we wanted was quite a challenge, in regards to the exact placement of our text, the perforations and cut tabs at the bottom, and using environmentally friendly paper that was durable enough for the wet Vancouver climate. This was a project that was executed successfully for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and therefore experienced the necessity of making sure every detail was completed well.

Digital Bridge Facebook Group
Digital Bridge Twitter Page