Aquatic Adventure was a 4 week project with one week of pre-production and three weeks of production. It is a set of 5 mini games based on the Vancouver Aquarium. It tells the story of a boy visiting the aquarium, watching the animals. Each game is linked directly to the animals unique behaviors so the users learn while they have fun.  

I was the Project Manager for this 5 person team. I organized our schedule, kept us on track with the milestones we set out, and ensured we stayed true to our story vision. I also worked on the photographs around the mini games, information about each species and sound effects.

I learned how much plans can change throughout a project and how important it is to be flexible and adapt quickly. Though we got behind during the production of our first mini game, we adapted successfully by switching team member roles to have an additional programmer. We also reused as much code as possible for the mechanics of the other 4 games. We learned a lot about adjusting art assets based on feedback, game play and programming needs. I learned how important it is to communicate clearly with team members to ensure consistency.

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