Air Styx is an interactive story completed in 10 weeks about character development and the transition between life and death. The user chooses who will get on an overbooked airplane, only to discover the passengers are being taken to their death by the pilot (the ferry man of Hades - Charon). During the flight users click through passenger memories and reactions when the plane goes down.

My primary role was Director of Photography. I laid out the shots and angles for each scene.  Working with fellow team members we developed the characters, storyline and UI design. In addition to working out the smaller details of each scene, I helped keep everyone on schedule with the project as a whole.

As this was one of the longer projects we had more time to really develop our vision and go through each stage of production fully. I learned a lot about developing characters, working with actors, green screen, and video editing in Premiere Pro. Working with others requires flexibility and we excelled at this in every shoot. We made on the spot improvements based on time restraints, available props and new inspirations.

Example Scene from Air Styx: Bus Scene
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