Galactic Shadow Shooter was built by a 7 person team in 3.5 months, as an HTML5 prototype for Microsoft BigPark Studios. It is a 2 player, 2.5D side-scrolling shooter that pushes HTML5 browser games to the limit.  Our two heroes must shoot their way through legions of monsters to stop the infected mainframe computer from spreading the virus.  Using innovated green screen techniques, we've captured realistic character animations in front of a video background.

As the Interaction Designer on the team I created a persona and user scenario to assist in aligning the team vision and making consistent design choices. I produced an IDD (Interaction Design Document) with a game flow chart, menu screen wireframes and all UI (user interface) elements in their various states. I worked very closely with the game designer and programmers in order to create an enjoyable experience. As our game is a 2 player game on one keyboard with a mouse we spent time creating a comfortable control scheme for each player (matching the asymmetry in gameplay). We conducted user testing to to gain feedback and make adjustments where needed. I also assisted the project manager with creating the schedule and was the scrum master.

Interaction Design Document

Game Trailer:


GSS Image