My four month internship was in Montreal with the Pogo team at EA. This team works with other team from EA Redwood Shores (EARS) on the Pogo.com website as well as the Facebook and iPhone Apps.

As a User Experience Design Intern I got to work on a variety of projects. I worked with the UX (user experience) leads on enhancing the onboarding experience of Pogo.com and the Pogo Facebook App. In addition I updated the design and flow of a set of modals shown when downloading Java, and produced a Flash prototype for a new concept. I worked remotely with the Daily Hot Shots team at EARS, assisting them with flow, layout and a links bar above the game (see image above). My UX leads also assisted me with a separate project where I could develop my UX design skills (for example creating touch point maps as seen in the image above). I got a great opportunity to work with a variety of people, experience the process of a large company, and be part of brainstorming and user testing sessions.

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